2022 Events

2022 Family Gathering at Marco Island
Handlebar Evening Ride
Eric Clapton Concert


I had to re-watch the Marco Island video. Love to reminisce about a great time and PAKO did an amazing job putting this all together. It’s so entertaining ! Love the music selection and the photo transitions. I think I will review this video whenever we have a blustery day.

sharon gardner

That Kopy Christmas 1959 is priceless! So many things to take in and enjoy. Even though it was before I was born, I remember the furniture and a couple ornaments on the tree. Mom was beautiful! I would have loved to know what gift she opened and what made everyone laugh. Grandpa was so animated. I wonder what he was demonstrating with that glass. Love this, and all your videos Paul. Nice to have the date on the intro to keep us from guessing. Thanks again Paul, bringing back to life Dad’s old videos.

sharon gardner

Nick Christmas 1982 is adorable! He looks half asleep yet still had to drag some important toys out. Looks like he upgraded from one scooter to a motorcycle. I’m sure you were interested to see what he would go for first. Again, another priceless memory captured by you!

Always enjoy your films and music, Paul. They’re very special to all of us. Thanks for giving us memories to watch whenever we want! Love them!

Shasta Person

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