7/12   Wednesday    205 mi

Duluth, MN to Red Wing, MN           Remarkably, there were no pictures taken on this day

Again, we had the typical continental breakfast at the motel before heading out on the dayís ride.  The weather was warmer so although we knew it would be cold near the lake we just wore jackets and lighter clothing.  I got directions from the motel clerk who guided us downtown to Mesaba Avenue then down and again across the bridge we crossed the night before.  The ride down offered very scenic views of the city down a steep roadway to the bridge.  We had to again get on the interstate roadway to cross the bridge but did so without problems.  Once again in Superior and on WI35, we noticed that downtown Superior was nothing but night clubs and strip bars with no real retail businesses there.  I was low on gas but as was the case last night trying to find a motel, I could not find a gas station.  The first one we stopped at only had 91 octane fuel so we decided to go on but there werenít any other stations in the area.  I felt I didnít have enough gas to get to the next town so I felt it best to turn back to a station and get the low octane fuel.  We made it to the next town of Danbury WI and refueled but as in Superior, 91 octane was the highest octane fuel available.  We then found that most of the stations in Minnesota and Wisconsin seemed to have only lower octane fuels available.  The gals had complained about wanting to stop and shop at one of these trinket places along the way so this was it.  Tamera was irritable, wanting to do some shopping so she picked this place to shop but after spending close to an hour in the store found nothing worth buying.  The weather was now much different from what we had experienced earlier in our trip.  It was time to take off the jacket and excess clothing.  Not quite hot yet but too warm for the jackets and sweatshirts.  While milling around outside the store and putting on sun screen, I noticed scratches on my gas tank.  It turned out that sand in the area was high in iron ore and the magnets on the gas tank bag trapped some of the sand.  When placed on my gas tank the sand scratched in my paint finish.  I had dropped everything the night before in Duluth while unloading and the magnets probably picked up the sand while on the ground.  Tamera placed the bag on the tank without noticing the sand and the scratches resulted.  WI35 was closed south of Danbury so we took a detour laid out by the store rather than the marked detour and got back on WI35 south of Danbury.  We rode on to St Croix Falls WI where we stopped at a Subway for lunch.  Some patrons there stated that WI35 was under construction again to the south and suggested that we cross into Minnesota and take MN95 south instead.  We did that and it was a nice ride through an interesting and well maintained historical river town of Stillwater.  I think we tried a scenic overlook but found nothing to view.  On the way back out of the viewing point, Tamera got a plastic bag stuck on her foot and it looked like she was almost hit by the car behind her as she struggled to kick the bag off of her foot.  We stayed on MN95 to bypass the twin cities but got separated from the Spiveys as we got on I94 for a short jog back onto MN95.  Mike had gotten trapped between two semis and couldnít get onto the entrance ramp so he had to go on and turn back.  We stopped along the road side for a while and then went on to the nearby rest stop and called Mike and left a couple voice mails telling him where we were.  They showed up as we were trying to decide on what to do next.  We went inside to cool down a bit and then headed on to Red Wing.  We stayed on US61 to Red Wing and decided to stay at the Rodeway Inn for the night.  We were out of clean clothes so the girls got permission to use the motelís laundry and then walked to buy detergent for the chore.  I took a ride through town while Mike rested, still recovering from whatever he had earlier in the week.  I got back and decided to walk to the bar in the bowling alley next door; Mike joined me after a while.  The girls had decided to have dinner in town at Libertyís and had arranged for their limo to pick us up.  I went for a walk and returned to find the limo already waiting.  We had dinner at Libertyís and then walked around town before having the limo return us to our motel.  For dinner I had the Pasta Bar special which was suggested by the limo driver and was in fact very good but the only thing I thought was special about it was the price.  Tamera had a great steak that she shared a couple pieces with me.  Our walk around town was great.  It is a wonderfully restored and maintained community that is very pretty but I was disappointed that there were no HOG picture opportunities anywhere.  The limo driver turned out to be the restaurant owner who was subbing for the regular limo driver.

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