7/8     Saturday        306 mi

Grand Rapids, MI to Pellston, MI

We awoke, and as intended, got to breakfast at Stavros just after 8:00am.  Connie said that this restaurant was known locally for having the best home fried potatoes so thatís what we had.  I made the mistake of ordering a side helping of the potatoes and with the generous portions served, could not clean my plates.  We got back to the Smithís, found Casey there and introduced her to the Spiveys.  We took some photos while packing up, and departed at about 9:30am for points north.  

Our route for the day took us back out to 10 Mile Rd and then north on MI37, west on MI55, north on US31/MI22 then MI22 to MI72 east, and back on US31 north in Traverse City.  It was a very windy day the entire trip making for rough riding the entire route.  We stopped at Manistee, MI for lunch at a Burger King where our conversation about crossing the bridge was overheard by the man in the next booth.  After hearing horror stories about Ford Pintos being blown off the bridge, we were a bit concerned about the wind while crossing the bridge.  He reassured us that the bridge is closed when unsafe and the first vehicles cautioned are those with campers because of the light weight and high profile.  We felt better about the crossing.  

Our next stop along Lake Michigan was at Arcadia MI where we took pictures along the shoreline there and then again just a bit farther north at a viewing point.  There were a couple spectacular scenes along the ride but the scenic pull offs didnítí give much time to react or any chances to view the scene before stopping.  Some seemed overgrown with trees that blocked the view.  The good shots were gone before we could react.  

On MI72, just east of Empire MI, along the way to Traverse City, we saw a SUV that had just run into a deer.  The SUVís windshield was smashed and there was a DNR officer with him and a dead deer on the opposite side of the road.  The ride into Traverse City was a very scenic view of the city and we found that the town was having their annual Cherry Festival so the downtown waterfront was jammed with people.  We wanted to stop at the H-D dealership there but were unable to find it using the map provided in the HOG touring booklet.  We rode back and forth on US31 trying to find but could not find it and I got frustrated.  I asked for directions a couple of times but still could not find it.  At it turned out, it was a dealership was at a non descript building that sold all kinds of outdoor sport equipment so the H-D sign was not obvious and only one of many brands sold there.  It was noticeably windier here so I asked the dealer about the wind and he said it was unusual but that there were storms moving in that were causing the turbulence. 

We then took US31 up to Petoskey where there were many fancy homes and businesses.  We were unable to find a convenient room in Petoskey so we rode further north to Pellston where we stayed at a Holiday Inn Express across from their airport.  We walked to the airport restaurant for dinner where I had a wonderful whitefish salad; I think it was my favorite meal of the trip.  After dinner, Mike and I walked to Edís Bar for one beer and then back to the motel for sleep about 10pm.  There was a threat of rain forecast overnight so the motel clerk allowed us to park our motorcycles under the entryway canopy for the night.  We met a couple on a Valkrie that we would later meet again at Minerís Castle near Munising.

Kopys & Spiveys 
at Smith's Home

Kopys & Spiveys & Smiths
at Smith's Home

Tamera at Arcadia MI Beach

Tamera & Dianna
at Arcadia MI Beach

Tamera & Paul & Dianna
at Arcadia MI Beach

Paul & Tamera & Mike
at Arcadia MI Beach

Dianna & Tamera
Point To Something

Dianna & Tamera Pointing
While Paul Gets a Picture

Lake Michigan Shoreline

Looking at Lake Michigan

Viewing Point Near Arcadia

Bikes at HI in Pellston MI

Pellston Holiday Inn Express

Pellston Air Terminal
Village Inn Restaurant Inside

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