7/7     Friday     276 mi

Indy to Grand Rapids, MI

Somehow, in spite of all the up front preparations, we were running behind schedule this morning but did manage to meet the Spiveys at Applebees in Brownsburg as planned at just about 9am.  Because we were west of Indy and I didnít want to hassle with Carmel and Kokomo, the route we took was IN267 to IN32 east to US421/IN29 and north to Logansport and IN25 to Rochester and US31 into South Bend. 

I took advantage of the occasion to introduce the Spiveys to my old stomping grounds so we ate lunch at Alís Anchor Inn, we had bar chicken and pierogis.  After lunch, we took a few pictures and then rode down Phillipa St to Ford St and then Falcon St.  We refueled at gas station on Falcon St and Western Ave and were introduced to an inner city experience that included rap & hip hop with everyone challenging each other at getting to the pumps because all were pre pay.  Some woman could only yell when she talked and could be heard from a distance even over the roar of our motorcycles. 

While heading back to US31 I had to stop quickly for red light at Mayflower Rd but Tamera and Mike didnít feel they had enough stopping distance and just roared past me at the light as I braked hard to stop; that was a surprise.  We took US31 to I94 to I96 to I196 into Grand Rapids stopping at the H-D dealership in Hudsonville for a time to shop.  Back on I196, we took US131 to 10 Mile Road as directed by Connie and got through to Rockford to Connieís home without incident although we did have to contend with rough rush hour traffic and a few aggressive drivers. 

We introduced the Spiveys to the Smiths and were able to unload, dress comfortably, and relax by sitting on the deck while having a few drinks and enjoying conversation.  We then went out for a nice dinner at Timbers restaurant. 

Upon returning, we took a boat ride around the lake, met Katie, Jerodís new girlfriend, then Jason and Sandy arrived with Maddie.  Tamera, Dianna, and Rob fished from the pier into the night while Mike built a fire on the shoreline. 

Maddie got cranky after a bit so I asked if she would like to sit on our motorcycles and she enjoyed being on them and put on quite a show while we took pictures.  She mellowed out after that.  We called it a day about 10:30 as Rob was still cleaning fish.

Tamera, Dianna, Paul meet

Mike is ready to roll

Dianna saddles up

Mike & Dianna before leaving

Paul & Tamera before leaving

Tamera is ready to go!

Al's Anchor Inn @ So Bend

Mike & Paul @ Al's

Prepping to leave Al's

Entering Michigan

Hudsonville MI H-D

Leaving the H-D dealership

Mike builds a fire
Paul and Connie watch

Paul & Mike enjoy the fire

Tamera baits her hook

Dianna fishing

fishing off the pier


Dianna's catch

Dianna's small fry

Maddie wants to ride

Tamera's fish

Tamera's big fish

Proud Tamera

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