2007 IN HOG Rally Kickstart Ride on IMS F1 Road Course

As special feature of the 2007 Indiana State HOG Rally, the rally coordinators arranged for members to ride on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway F1 Road Course. The date was Thursday, June 21st, 2007 and it turned out to be a very hot, sunny day. If anyone had thought to have a consession stand there, they would have made a killing selling water. I was hesistant to take my camera out during the ride, not knowing what was in store. After riding into the speedway and then onto the track then entering turn one, wow, what a thrill. We were riding far enough apart and slowly enough that I got the camera out and took video while riding with our little digital camera. The video turned out as expected but there is a lot of wind noise with the video. As calm as the wind was outside the track at the staging area, it was certainly windy inside the speedway. Anyway, it's my rememberence of that day.


Ride on F1 Course at IMS